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Google recently commissioned research firms Sterling Research and SmithGeiger to poll over 1000 adults on their opinions and thoughts on their mobile web experience. These statistics unearthed some enlightening data that further supports the mobile web’s wide open vista that has been largely untapped by small business owners.

First, the statistics. A shocking 96% of those surveyed confirmed that they’ve encountered mobile-unfriendly sites while a staggering 75% say they prefer a mobile-friendly site and 67% are more likely to buy something on your business’ website when they visit a mobile-friendly address.

But what do these numbers mean for you as a small business owner? A few more statistics seem to flesh out a strong take-home message for small business owners. A whopping 50% of users who LIKE your business would use you less often if your website isn’t mobile friendly! These same clients whom you’ve wowed with your website, your products/services and your customer service will, half of the time, return to the world wide web in search of a business that holistically meets their traditional website needs and their on the go mobile-friendly demands.

The frustration that is inherent in non-mobile-friendly websites carries over into a user’s opinion of your business in general. Simple things like having to minimize or maximize the font size; having way too much information on a given page and finally your email and phone number contact information being difficult to locate and activate on your website just name a few of the frustrations users experience when trying to access your non-mobile-friendly business’ website from their mobile device.

Part two of this blog will give some suggestions on ways to make your mobile-friendly website the most pleasurable experience possible for your potential clients.

This is just a basic overview and is not legal advice specific to your situation. If you would like to speak with Jonathan about your situation, please email him at or call him at 925-327-1019.

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