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Businesses contracts are a common occurrence in most businesses. These can be written contracts, oral contracts and contracts that are binding via your email approval. Because of the importance of abiding by the terms of a contract it is important that the contract terms are fairly negotiated, properly drafted, and reviewed to ensure the contract meets the intentions of the parties as well as that the tax consequences and liabilities are addressed.

Jonathan’s tax and business niche law practice seeks an understanding of your objectives in entering into the proposed contract. He makes certain you are informed and comfortable with your rights and obligations. Jonathan will negotiate terms of your contract, like price, breach remedies, contract term and termination, arbitration clauses, and scope of work. Jonathan will also be keeping his eye on the potential tax liabilities and tax advantages that present themselves in the drafting of your business contract.

Jonathan has helped clients who have been presented with an adhesion contract (a contract which must be signed “as is”) and need legal advice and counsel on how to manage it. When faced with an adhesion contract it is imperative that you have it reviewed by a business and tax attorney who uniquely understands the business and tax legal issues involved in the contract, both now and in the future, and who can identify the potential pitfalls and liabilities.

Business Contracts

Jonathan has found that preventative and forward-looking tax planning has paid many times over in savings for his clients who have been able to avoid frivolous and unnecessary taxes as well as cumbersome audits and government intrusion that a less well-structured business contract may not have realized. Jonathan has found that there is a wealth of tax advantages, tax favorable treatment and legitimate tax strategies that can greatly reduce your taxes owed, come April 15.

Jonathan’s tax practice brings clients relevant, up-to-date and specialized consulting, transactional, and advocacy experience. Jonathan draws on his deep understanding of corporate law, partnership law, LLC law, contract law and tax law, among others.

Good Business Contracts address Tax Efficiencies and Tax AdvantagesTaxes 1

Jonathan is passionate about creating effective and tax-efficient strategies that position your business as favorably as possible. Jonathan thrives on structuring businesses to best reap the benefits of positive tax treatment and has helped his clients structure their businesses to be positioned in the most tax advantaged manner. He understands the need for integrated legal solutions that emphasize tax efficiencies.

Specifically-Drafted Contracts to Pay Less Taxes

Jonathan has become the go-to attorney when clients encounter a grisly tax problem Business Consulting Lawyer Jonathan C. Wattsor are wishing to structure their business contract to best position them for a less onerous tax bill come tax time. Jonathan researches, writes, blogs and speaks to business groups on a substantive business and tax issues.

Jonathan understands the need for integrated legal solutions that emphasize tax efficiencies and well written contracts that protect you and your business. His tax expertise is a common thread that runs throughout his practice and distinguishes him from other general business and tax firms.

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