Corporation, LLC – Best Business Formation Entity

When considering the best business formation entity – (INC, S Corporation, LLC, Etc.), the route you take in regard to forming your business entity will likely have a significant impact on you and your company now and in the future. Having a ‘finger on the pulse’ of entity provisions, Jonathan understands that the tax sections of a partnership or LLC agreement tend to be its most complex and economically significant provisions. Because of this, Jonathan focuses on creating and drafting LLC and partnership agreements that include favorable tax and distribution provisions to best benefit you and your business.

Tax and Business Formation Attorney Brings Value

Whether you are interested in forming a General Partnership, Limited Liability partnership (LLP), Limited Liability Company (LLC), S Corporation, C Corporation or a Professional Corporation (PC), Jonathan C. Watts, as both a Tax and Business lawyer, has the experience and wisdom to guide you in strategically choosing the appropriate business entity as well as assisting you in forming your business entity correctly.

He is passionate about creating effective and tax-efficient strategies that position your business as favorably as possible. Jonathan thrives on structuring businesses to best reap the benefits of positive tax treatment and has helped his clients structure their businesses to be positioned in the most tax advantaged manner. He understands the need for integrated legal solutions that emphasize tax efficiencies.

The Right Business Entity Protects You from Problems & Additional Taxes

The right choice of business entity can help ensure your bottom line is protected, you are positioned to reap the best tax treatment and that you benefit from the protections that the business entity provides. Jonathan’s focus is to protect professionals and business people in general matters of business and business law as it pertains to the Internet, Tax Law and Estate Planning.

Bottom Line – Jonathan is uniquely positioned to offer practical advice and guidance about the advantages and drawbacks of the different types of business entities available. He can steer a straight course toward cost-effective ways to make your business entity come together smoothly with special consideration paid to strategic tax protection and protection of your business, personal and financial interests.

Attorney Client Privilege – If you have any sensitive tax questions, or want to explore some ideas on ways you and your business may reduce taxes consider calling Jonathan. Consulting with Jonathan to form your business entity and explore tax minimization strategies offers you the assurance and protection of the ‘attorney-client privilege’ assuring that your business and personal matters will remain private.