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Starting an internet business involves many of the same obstacles involved in starting a traditional, brick and mortar business. There are, however,www many unique aspects for a web business start-up. Traditional brick and mortar businesses develop and maintain a website to promote their business and make their business easy to be found, whereas an internet business’ very existence is completely dependent on its presence on the Internet.

Internet Law – Where the Internet and the Law Intersect

Jonathan C. Watts’ internet law practice focuses on where the internet and the law intersect. Jonathan has found that this “new breed” of legal challenges can rarely be adequately resolved by using conventional legal procedures and traditional legal answers. Your internet business’ unique one-of-a-kind legal issue cannot be effectively resolved using stale brick and mortar legal approaches. Jonathan seeks to build solid legal frameworks that will protect you and your internet business from exposure to unnecessary risk and insure that you and your business are in compliance with the growing and ever changing body of legislation, rules and regulations.

Software and Technology Licensinginternet-law-770x513

These individually developed frameworks are your business’ online and policy agreements with your customers, vendors and providers. These agreements often take the form of software and internet licensing, website terms of use and fair use law, website privacy policies and online agreements. These agreements are critical tools that your internet business needs in order to effectively and efficiently conduct your online business affairs while legally protecting yourself and your internet business.

Jonathan C. Watts is particularly interested in internet commerce/E-Commerce, Website Terms of Use agreements (TOU), copyright law and internet and software licensing.

  • Internet Commerce/E-Commerce. Internet business owners need to be proactive in protecting their business as well as themselves from liability. You also need to protect your intellectual property rights. Too often, internet business’ pirate other websites agreements, without realizing the rules and consequences, of using copyrighted material. Conversely, it’s imperative to protect your own unique online copyrighted materials and content.
  • Website Terms of Use. Insuring that your internet business’ online content is protected can take numerous forms. One effective structure islocks using a website terms of use. This requires users to agree to your website terms of use thereby extinguishing many potential legal liabilities. Jonathan stays current on internet legal developments that may impact your internet business so that you can focus your energies and time on running your business.
  • Copyright  Law. There has been a lot of pressure upon the courts to widen “the public domain”. Practically speaking, this would promptly draw copyrighted works out from the protection of the copyright umbrella and these works would become available, free of charge, to the online community. January 18, 2012 the Supreme Court reversed any progress that had been made widening “the public domain”. Most importantly, the Court flatly declared that the public domain is not “a category of constitutional significance”. Having a skilled and informed lawyer becomes critical as the internet community and internet law are changing at warp speed. Jonathan stays aware of the current developments as well as the upcoming political struggles that will likely shape the ever-changing environment of internet law.

Internet and Software Licensing. Jonathan has broad experience in the area of internet and software licensing. He is knowledgeable of the intricacies of software license agreements, end user license agreements, software development agreements and click-wrap licenses. Often referred to as “click-through agreements”, these license agreements are beneficial for executing agreements that are connected to software licensing.

Internet Agreements & Contracts For Internet Professionals

A good internet lawyer will be invaluable to website designers, graphics designers, website developers, website content writers, website coders and APP developers, and 100’s of other niches. Jonathan C. Watts can help you to create and maintain effective internet business agreements andwww contracts to help keep your business protected from liability and protect you from getting defrauded for your creative work product. Jonathan drafts powerful contracts such as non-disclosure agreements that are used when subcontracting work online.

Contracts that are created and used online will be the foundation of your legal precedence in any legal case you may face as a fallout of your online business. Having an airtight contract can help to protect your personal and business interests when dealing with other people and other businesses online. Jonathan can help you draft powerful legal documents that will protect your legal rights for your internet-dependent business activities.

Have you been Defrauded by an Online Client?

Jonathan will spend time with you getting to know you and your internet business and becoming familiar with the unique and distinctive legal issues and risks that you and your internet business will need to be informed of. From this knowledge he will be able to specifically counsel you on your potential risks. In most situations, risk is part of the price you pay for running a business. However, being well-informed regarding the legal risks and potential short and long-term tax and other liability consequences that may be faced by you and your business will likely help you make more informed decisions.

This is just a basic overview and is not legal advice specific to your situation.  If you would like to speak with Jonathan about your situation, please email him at or call 925-217-3255.


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