Business Consulting and Tax Lawyer Works with New & Established Businesses

Business Attorney Jonathan C. Watts

Nearly every business decision has a tax consequence attached. Business aonsulting lawyer Jonathan C. Watts helps clients remain informed of these consequences and navigate to their best possible outcome.

Having a specialized tax knowledge of all the advantages and options available, Jonathan has realized triumphs for his clients, structuring contracts that employ all the tax advantages at his disposal. For example, Jonathan drafts buy-sell agreements that encompass a thorough and astute knowledge of tax law and positioning his clients agreements to enjoy the most favored tax status. Finally, he structures tax-advantaged business formations that will continue to perform and realize positive tax treatment for the life of your business, from “cradle to grave”.

San Francisco East Bay Small Business Lawyer & Tax Attorney

  • General Business and Tax Consulting,
  • Business and Tax Legal Advice,
  • Business and Tax Formation,
  • Contract Disputes,
  • Business and Tax Transactions.

Business Entity Formation Consulting

Choosing the right business entity in the beginning will save you expense and problems later. Business consulting lawyer Jonathan C. Watts is both a business lawyer and a tax lawyer who will listen carefully to your unique circumstances and future goals to guide you to the correct choice among:

  • Corporation
  • Limited liability partnership (LLP)
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Partnership

Jonathan works with his clients, and their Accountants – Weighing all the facts and choosing the appropriate business entity is an integral step in the launching of your new business. Jonathan’s tax expertise has underlined and highlighted the fact that the tax sections of a partnership or LLC agreement tend to be its most complex and economically significant provisions to consider. A thorough and complete understanding of the nuances of entity formation, has proved pivotal in the success or failure of fledgling business start-ups. Jonathan shrewdly focuses on the critical negotiating and precise drafting of LLC and partnership agreements making sure that the tax and distribution provisions are addressed and well positioned.

Attorney Client Privilege – You may have a sensitive tax question to inquire about. Jonathan is a good resource to refer to. Unlike tax preparers, enrolled agents, accountants, or even a CPA, who can be compelled to testify against you to state or federal taxing agents, Jonathan’s attorney-client privilege shields you from the state or federal government compelling unfavorable testimony regarding your personal or business tax situation.

CORPORATIONS, S-CORP’s, LLC’s, LLP’s and PARTNRSHIPS – Jonathan routinely assists and guides his clients in forming new corporations and limited liability companies (LLC’s), handles capital transactions, prepares stock option plans, drafts stock purchase documents and other agreements relating to start-up matters. Nearly every business decision has a tax consequence attached and he helps his clients remain informed of these consequences and navigate to their most tax advantaged destination.

Partnership Dissolution

Corporate, LLC, and Partnership Dissolution

When it comes time to dissolve a business entity, understanding the process, whom to notify and the steps necessary will prove invaluable knowledge as you wind up your business matters.  Jonathan is familiar and informed as to how to properly and efficiently dissolve your business. He is also experienced at resolving common business disputes that may arise during business dissolution.