My Story

My practice focuses on the intersection of tax law, business transactions, and wills and trusts.  I am privileged to assist a wide variety of clients with their business, estate and tax needs.  I work to help my clients achieve their goals through active listening, careful planning, solid drafting, and a common-sense (though sometimes out of the box) approach to my clients’ needs.  I am rarely bored!

As a first-year law student, I had no idea that I wanted to focus my future practice on business transactions, tax, and estate plans.  In fact, I reluctantly signed up for my first income tax law course because I needed to fill a hole in my class schedule.  I am truly indebted to Professor Bruce Wolk for introducing me to the fascinating world of tax law and its relationship with business transactions, structures, and everyday life.  I am also indebted to Dick Frankel and my former employers at Frankel & Goldware, LLP (now Ferber Law) for making it possible for me to obtain an LL.M. in taxation law while supporting my young family.  I am now certified as a California Certified Legal Specialist in Taxation Law by the California Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California.  I find that my tax-related education and experience is integral to my ability to successfully assist my clients with their business and estate-related needs.

I am blessed to live and work in the beautiful East Bay with my wife, Deanne, our daughters, Zoe and Diana, and our animal family, some of whom consented to have their photographs grace this site.  Deanne manages the law practice and provides regular sanity checks, which are greatly appreciated.  In my free time, I enjoy water skiing, mountain biking, hiking, kite boarding, and scuba diving.  I like reading history and historical fiction—Max Hastings and Bernard Cornwell are favorites.  I also enjoy TV shows such as Shrinking, The Wire, and Ted Lasso.  And, I especially appreciate opportunities to hang out with friends and family.