The Importance of a Well-Drafted Website Agreement

San Francisco East Bay Terms of Service Agreement Attorney – Did you know that under the law you have a legal relationship with everyone who visits your website? Because of this, it is to your legal advantage to define the terms of this relationship by publishing a website agreement.

Jonathan C. Watts can help you draft a website terms and conditions agreement for your brick and mortar’s web presence or your internet-based business. Additionally, Jonathan can help you implement your new website agreement in a manner that will increase its effective protection for you or your business.

A terms-of-use, terms-of-service, or terms-and-conditions website agreements effectiveness is based upon the thoroughness of the internet lawyer who drafts these agreements. Copying other websites’ agreements and editing it to fit your business needs is an unnecessary legal risk and liability that you would do well to refrain from engaging in. Jonathan can help you create affordable internet agreements including terms-of-use, terms-of-service, privacy policies, and DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) policies that are based on sound legal frameworks and Internet expertise.

Website Terms of Use Agreements

Website terms-of-use (also referred to as terms-of-service, or terms-and-conditions) contracts serve both as the agreement that defines the legal relationship between your website and your website visitors and a document that often defines the website owner’s marketing strategy and helps encourage users to rate the site favorably. A carefully drafted terms-of-use agreement should address both issues.

Building Your Website Terms-of-Use Agreement

If your website has “users,” rather than just visitors getting information and leaving, it is important that your website has the absolute discretion to terminate a users’ right to access the website if they violate your terms-of-service agreement.

Protect You and Your Website from Frivolous Lawsuits

There are many court cases where website users have come to rely on the content, tools, resources and/or services offered by a website. Regardless whether your content is offered free of charge or users are charged for it, it is crucial that your terms-of-use agreement make perfectly clear that the website makes no warranties as to quality, accuracy, availability, or validity of information.

Common Pitfalls Befalling Website Operatorscredit card protection-310x205

If your website sells or charges for services rendered or delivered through your website, or has your client’s data stored through your website then a lack of access, for whatever reason, or a reduction of website performance could result in your website’s users incurring some kind of a “loss” or “damages.” To bypass this pitfall it would be smart to make sure that your terms-of-use have all of your users agree at the start of their service that the website has limited liability in terms of damages and the total amount of such damages.

Let’s Get Your Terms-of-Use Agreement on Your Site

The above introduction barely scratches the surface of what constitutes a well-drafted website agreement. It is well worth your time and money to speak with an internet lawyer about developing a cost-effective, custom-drafted terms-of-use agreement for your growing internet business. Call Jonathan C. Watts to protect yourself, your e-commerce business and your website from frivolous lawsuits by drafting a proper & inclusive terms of use agreement.

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