A Shout Out to Accountants

In my opinion, every business, and nearly every individual taxpayer, needs an accountant.  Preparing and filing returns, and accounting for the finances of a business, are simply too complicated to do well without professional assistance.   

While I am well-versed in tax law, I am not an accountant. 

I do not prepare or file tax returns, or perform other accounting tasks.  Fortunately, I am able to count on a number of accountants as resources for my clients, and I have referred dozens of clients to my accounting colleagues.  

Likewise, I am also able to serve as a resource for accountants whose clients need help structuring businesses, providing legal advice for acquisitions and other business deals, and drafting wills and trusts.  My knowledge of tax law and experience in business and estate planning enables me to enhance tax efficiency while also taking account of practical issues encountered by the client.

I am always glad to team up with my accountant colleagues on complex issues such as acquisitions, business succession planning, setting up family limited partnerships, and gifting.  I find that bringing both professions’ skills to the table is a great way to achieve optimal results for our clients.

Jonathan & Deanne Watts - Muir Woods National Park